Culture Trails is a learning holiday company.

We want people to experience the local culture (art, performance, food and fashion) in a hands-on, authentic manner, through fun courses and learning, typical to the holiday destination.

We are a small and personal team with experience and a passion for local culture & travel. We firmly believe that a holiday is more meaningful if you experience the ways of life of the local people and perhaps learn something in the process. In fact, we encourage people to stay with local hosts ( a warm, friendly family) to get a first-hand feel of the local culture.

We have put together some top class fun courses and activities for your next holiday, with the intention of giving you a wholesome experience of the place. Take a look at the courses on offer and join the Culture Trails Club! Do also visit the "Exciting add-ons" section to add some more culture and fun elements to your next holiday!

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